A MAZE. / SPACE Re-opens on April 5, 2022.

Welcome back to the A MAZE. / SPACE.

After almost a year of absence, the A MAZE. / SPACE, our 3D Multiplayer Cultural Experience is back again.

With the new programming team of SpeakGeek? the A MAZE. / SPACE brought back to life. Now we have a solid system on which the space team is able to build together with external curators and partners from the games, arts and music a throughout the whole year A MAZE. program.

The space team:
Thorsten S. Wiedemann - Creative director 
Moshe Linke - Level architecture and enviromental art
Gianluca Pandolfo  - Designer, Generalist 
Nomi Nanako- Avatar/ Other art 
alpha_rats - Exhibition Developer
Dylan Holshausen - Development Support
Shaun Lottering - Front End Developer
Damon Blom - Lead Developer
Andre Hamman - Project Manager/ Backend Developer

Special thanks goes to Moshe Linke who designed a completely new architecture for the A MAZE. / SPACE and Gianluca Pandolfo for the fresh UI and Thorsten S. Wiedemann who haven’t given up on the idea to create a curated space for arthouse games and playful media.

After a few testing sessions we are opening the A MAZE. / SPACE on April 5 at 6pm CEST for our community and friends, with all the selected works from A MAZE. / Berlin 2021 including the winners, nominees, honorable mentions as well as our exhibitors Kickstarter, Free Lives, zHdK, Grover, and Stiftung Digitale Spielkultur in the village area.

The exhibition will run until May 12th after which it will host the A MAZE./ Berlin 2022 Festival.

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