A MAZE. Awards 2022. Nominees, Honorable Mentions and Jury Announcement

The time has come for us to share this years nominees, honorable mentions and jury for the 11th international A MAZE. Awards that will take place in Berlin on May 17th as well as be streamed online and in the A MAZE. / SPACE. There were 189 submissions from 51 countries competing for 5 awards and the audience award. Thanks to the supporter tickets bought by the A MAZE. community, 23 deserving works were submitted free of charge. You can check out the full list of submissions here.

Matthias Löwe, A MAZE. Award Manager had to say this about the selection process:

“After two months of reviewing all entries with our amazing international Selection Committee and the A MAZE. team, we are now very excited to present the 25 nominations and 15 honorable mentions from 24 countries covering innovative performances, digital poems, wild and cultural experiences, personal stories as well as stunning game worlds and works of interactive media art. I was also full of joy to notice artists with supporter tickets and artists who bought supporter tickets making it into the selection together and I can’t wait to see which nominees will be selected for which categories by the jury!”

and Thorsten S. Wiedemann, A MAZE. Artistic Director adds:

„The A MAZE. Awards are the centrepiece of A MAZE. / Berlin and the festival’s calling card. The selected works provide a status of arthouse games and playful media as it is and as it will be. I’m very proud of the overall quality of the entries, which makes the selection of the nominees and honorable mentions this year very strong. Our remarkable hand-picked grand jury is formed out of artists from different art disciplines and two A MAZE. Award winners. Their decision on the winners will set new milestones on the rise of arthouse games at the A MAZE. Awards Ceremony in Berlin on May 17.“

Without further ado, we are excited to present you this year’s games:


A Little Drape of Heaven - This Is Not A Theatre Company (US)
Artholomew Video’s Stream Challenge - Alistair Aitcheson (UK)
Atuel - Cooperativa Matajuegos (AR)
Betrayal At Club Low - Cosmo D (US)
BORE DOME - Goblin Rage (DK)
FixFox - Rendlike (CZ)
Give Me Strength. - James Poole and Laura Ryder (IR)
How to say goodbye - ARTE France / Florian & Baptiste (FR)
Kabaret - Persona Theory Games (MY)
Mini Maker: Make a Thing - Casa Rara Inc. (CA)
NORCO - Raw Fury / Geography of Robots (US)
Not For Broadcast - NotGames (UK)
Okthryssia and Saturnia’s Bureaucratic Adventures - Fantasia Malware (DE)
One Hand Clapping - Handygames / Bad Dream Games (US)
SABLE - Raw Fury / Shedworks (UK)
Shredders - FoamPunch (BE, SW, FR, CA, NL)
SnackHunter - PolyPirates (DE)
Super is Hot - Younès Rabii (MA, FR, UK)
Tea For God - void room (PL)
The Game of Me - Aleyeldin Baracat (EG)
The Tartarus Key - Vertical Reach (PT)
Titanic II: Orchestra for Dying at Sea - Flan Falacci (US)
Tux and Fanny - Albert Birney and Gabriel Koenig (CA, US)
UNEARTHU - Kara Stone (CA)
We Are One - Flat Head Studio (AT)

Honorable Mentions

Alba: a Wildlife Adventure - ustwo games (UK)
Apartment - Kalonica Quigley + Maize Wallin (AU)
As the End Drew Near - Cindy Poremba & Maxwell Lander (CA)
A Tragic Accidental Still life - Common Opera (US)
Deadly Structures - David Denyer and Sami El-Enany (UK, EG)
Déjà-vu VR - Raumkapsel (DE)
dumpling.love - the parks staff (BZ, US, AU)
Glasfäden - Causa Creations / ASA FF (AT, VN, DE, FR)
Lost twins 2 - Playdew (PK)
Museum of Mediocre Appropriations - Michael Luo (US/CN)
OMNO - Studio Inkyfox aka Jonas Manke (DE)
Sebil Engineering - Phil Welden (US)
The Big Con - Mighty Yell (CA)
The Fabulous Fear Machine - Fictiorama Studios (ES)
THE ZIUM GALLERY - Michael Berto with The Zium Artists (US, FR, UK, CA, IT, NL, DE, AU)

More Details: https://2022.amaze-berlin.de/nominees/

and a warm welcome to our Jury Members for the A MAZE. Awards 2022

Every year we are trying to make the grand jury as diverse as possible. Our jury is always hand picked as they are an important aspect of supporting arthouse games and playful media. They set the milestones of every year. This year we are proud of having two A MAZE. Award winners together with artists from the fields of theater, molecular and cellular biology and media art deciding the winners of 2022.

Ash Baccus-Clark, Molecular and Cellular Biologist and multidisciplinary artist
Bernadette Binner, Digital theater dramaturg
David Cribb, Leftist-Indiegames developer - Winner of the Humble New Talent Award 2021
Ida Hartmann, Comic and game artist - Winner of the Most Amazing Award 2021
Jooyoung Oh - Multidisciplinary digital artist

More details: https://2022.amaze-berlin.de/jury

If you want to attend the A MAZE. Awards ceremony be sure to get your ticket here. You can get a Festival ticket that grants you the access to all the online and onsite program, or get separate tickets for the online program, the onsite day (talks, workshops) and onsite night (A MAZE. Award Ceremony and a huge party) programs.

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