1. Get your festival ticket. All ticket categories via Eventbrite.

    Online: May 13-17, 2022
    Onsite: May 17, 2022 - Silent Green (day) and Panke Culture (night)

    A. Get your Online festival ticket for May 13-17, 2022 (Premium or free participant) - excl. A MAZE. Bazaar
    B. Get your Onsite festival ticket for May 17, 2022.

    C. Wanna pitch/ find partners get your extra ticket for the
    A MAZE. Bazaar - 3rd International Arthouse Games Market for May 16, 2022.
    D. Check for online workshops and purchase them. Limited seats. (online workshops will get announce by April)

  2. Get the A MAZE. / SPACE (via website) for the online multiplayer culture experience with text chat, games to play and the festival live stream program. We have premium user and free user.

    • Premium participant:
      Get your A MAZE. / Berlin Online Ticket Premium. That gives you special access and abilities for the A MAZE. / SPACE including a premium role, premium avatar, more fun abilities, access to all the games and the voting system for the audience award. Ability to speak with other flamingos in the NEW speakbubbles.

    • Free participant (free access):

      Get your free ticket. Download the A MAZE. / SPACE. Be part of all the online streams and actions. If you want to become more interactive and enjoy our full designed festival experience get your premium access via Eventbrite for this event.

      Minimum system requirements:
      CPU: i5-5300 Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 5500 RAM: 4GB

  3. We’re a safe virtual space. Read our Code of Conduct.

  4. Check out the program on our website, which starts ONLINE on Friday, May 13 at 7pm CEST to May 17.


On Tuesday, May 17 including talk, workshops, exhibition, the A MAZE. Awards Ceremony and a party. You can also follow most of the onsite content on the live stream through Youtube and in the A MAZE./ SPACE. 5. Participate in the festival chat (via Discord) to communicate with artists and program contributors. 6. Play and vote on the works in the exhibition of the A MAZE./ SPACE for them to win the Audience Award. 7. Don’t miss the 11th A MAZE. Award Ceremony on Friday, May 17 starting at 8pm: with Thorsten S. Wiedemann award speech, all the nominees, the jury members, surprises, and a performance. Be sure to be there! 8. Go to the A MAZE. Shop and get the most amazing merch. 9. Make some noise! #AMaze2022 #arthousegames #playfulmedia





Covid19 rules

We would like to point out that according to the federal government, most Covid-19 regulations are currently repealed. However, as an international festival we aim to provide a safe experience for you by still having some rules in place. When you buy a ticket you agree to the terms of the A MAZE. / Berlin Festival and we will send you an info shortly before the festival on how we set the Covid19 regulations. Thank you for your understanding.

If you feel ill or have symptoms that indicate a Covid-19 disease, we ask you to stay at home! Otherwise the rules are:

for Silent Green:

- 3G (fully vaccinated or recovered or tested)
- Indoors: Medical mouth-nose masks are mandatory in the exhibition area and during workshops
- Outdoors: Try to keep a distance of 1.5m with people you don’t know and don’t feel comfortable with. If the distance can’t be kept due to the number of people present, medical mouth-nose masks will be required
- when interacting with the exhibited games, please use a disinfecting product that will be available in the space or wash your hands

for Panke:

- 2G+ (fully vaccinated or recovered, in both cases you need an additional negative antigen test from one of the official testing stations in Berlin not older than 24h; in case the tests are no longer free in Berlin, this requirement might be changed and we will notify you before the event)
- when interacting with the exhibited games, please use a disinfecting product that will be available in the space or wash your hands

These rules are subject to change, in compliance with any changes to government policies regarding Covid-19. In the case of changes we will notify you via email if you have purchased a ticket and update this page.